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Leveling the Playing Field Asthma Scholarship

The Christopher D. Redding Youth Asthma Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization with the mission of educating, advocating, and providing services for youth and families that are affected by a life which includes asthmatic conditions. The focus of the foundation is to lessen the adverse health effects on asthmatic children and young adults that are involved in athletics.

As a part of our foundational charter, the Christopher D. Redding Youth Asthma Foundation seeks to award annual scholarships to qualified high school seniors who are student-athletes and who have a medically   documented diagnosis of asthma.

Scholarship applications are made available to assist with college education expenses for those students that have been confirmed to attend a two-year community college or a four-year college or university as a full-time student the following Fall.  Scholarship award recipients will receive an award no less than $2,000.00.

To be considered for this college scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria:
1.    You are a high school senior graduating by June of the current school year.
2.    You participate in (a minimum of one) high school sports activity.
3.    You have been involved in charitable activities such as community service or volunteer work.
4.    You can provide documented evidence of an asthma medical condition by a medical professional.

Selection Criteria

All applications will be reviewed and selected by the Board of Directors of the Christopher D. Redding Youth Asthma Foundation. Scholarship recipients will be based upon student essay submissions, letters of recommendation provided by both a high school athletic director or coach and community service organization, and the content submitted on the attached student application form that has been provided.

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Scholarship Listing

The scholarships listed on this page are updated regularly. All new scholarships will be listed in alphabetical order. Good luck finding the scholarships that are right for you.

Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants

To apply for this scholarship you will need to write an essay on the topic, “What was the most difficult time in your life, and why? How did you perspective on life change as a result of this difficulty?”

Email your essay to: (Include the name and location of the school you are presently attending.)

Up to $1,000. Deadline to apply: 06/15/12

Amanda Bupp Memorial Scholarship

Available to students who are residents of York County, PA; 3.0 GPA; proof of acceptance/enrollment into a school majoring in the medical field; letter of recommendation; essay

Up to $500. Deadline to apply: 04/30/12

American Physical Therapy Association Scholarship

A variety of scholarship programs available to students, which include federal/state scholarship resources, Mary McMillan Scholarship, minority scholarship awards, and APTA awards.

Amounts vary. Deadlines vary

Antioch College

Free tuition. Deadline  2/15/12

AT&T Foundation Scholarship

Available to high School Seniors and College Students who are children of AT&T employees.

Up to $2,500. Deadline to apply: 2/15/12

Best Buy Scholarship Program

Students currently in grades 9-12. Students from public, private, alternate, or home schools are eligible to apply. Have a minimum cumulative high school grade point average of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale), or equivalent. Demonstrate commitment to and involvement in community volunteer service or work experience. Be planning to enter a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited two- or four-year college, university, vocational-technical school, or online school/programfollowing high school graduation.

Up to $1,000. Deadline 2/15/12

Big Sun Organization

The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits. In order to do our part we are offering an annual scholarship to a deserving student. All student athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in.

How to Apply

Please send us a short essay answering the following question:

How has your education contributed to who you are today? Why do you want to earn a college education?

Deadline: June 22, 2012.

Who is eligible?

All student athletes are eligible regardless of the sport they are engaged in. The student must be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute.

How to submit

All essay submissions should be sent to:

When is the winner notified?

  • The winner will be notified within 2 weeks and the name of the winner will be posted on this website at that time.
  • When is the award received?
  • The award is mailed within 2 weeks of the deadline.

Up to $500

Epilepsy Foundation Western/Central PA Scholarship Program

Diagnosis of epilepsy/seizure disorder (must be confirmed by a statement from physician); proof of acceptance to post-secondary academic/vocational program; H.S. grad of 2012; attend full-time in 2012-13; legal resident of Western/Central PA.

Up to $1000. Deadline to apply: 03/30/12

ESA Youth Scholarship

The Electronic Security Association (ESA) is accepting applications for its 2012 Youth Scholarship Program, which will award $10,000 in scholarships to two children of active duty police officers and firefighters. The first-place winner will receive $7,500 to put toward their college education and the second-place winner will receive $2,500.

Deadline to apply: 02/01/12

Jack & Jill of America Foundation

High School Senior, 3.0 GPA

Up to $2,500. Deadline to apply: 03/12/12

KFC Colonel’s Scholars

Available to students with a 2.75 GPA; enrolled in a public college within their state of legal residence; pursue a bachelor’s degree; US citizen; demonstrate financial need.

Up to $20,000. Deadline to apply: 02/08/12

Marriott Scholars Program

Available to Hispanic High School Senior or graduate, College Freshman, 3.0 GPA, Culinary, Hospitality, Hotel, and Restaurant Management.

Up to $9000. Deadline to apply: 03/01/12

National Co-Op Scholarship

Available to students accepted to Drexel, Johnson & Wales, Kettering, R.I.T., University of Cincinnati, University of Toledo, or Wentworth Institute of Technology; Cum 3.5 GPA.

Up to $6,000. Deadline to apply: 2/15/12


Huge Differences in Graduation Rates

We have long known of the significant differences between the high school graduation and college enrollment rates of students from various racial groups. The NCAA Graduation Rate Data allows parents and students to review the 6-year graduation rates of regular students versus student-athletes, by race and gender, at all NCAA Division I, II, and III schools.

For example, the University of Georgia reports the following 6-year graduation rates:

  • 79 percent for all students
  • 59 percent for student-athletes
  • 57 percent for Black males
  • 39 percent for Black male student-athletes
  • 76 percent for Black females
  • 50 percent for Black female student-athletes

The overall Division I 6-year graduation rates are:

  • 62 percent for all students
  • 64 percent for student-athletes
  • 38 percent for Black male students
  • 49 percent for Black male student-athletes
  • 49 percent for Black female students
  • 63 percent for Black female student-athletes

The report also provides information regarding the number and racial makeup of scholarship recipients by sport. For example, at the University of Georgia, Blacks received 61 of the 86 football scholarships and 10 of the 12 basketball scholarships. Whites received 27 of the 29 Baseball scholarships and 27 of the 40 Track scholarships.

Does an Athletic Scholarship Cover Everything?

The answer is no. The article in Higher Ed provides insight into the scholarship gap, or the gap in what an athletic scholarship covers and the actual costs of attending college. The NCAA specifies, under 15.02.5, that a full grant-in-aid is financial aid that consists of tuition and fees, room and board, and required course-related books. However, colleges themselves provide a COA (Cost of Attendance) for prospective students that is a higher number, sometimes much higher depending on where a student is from, estimating the real costs of attending college (transportation, living expenses, etc.). Subsequently, a college-bound student athlete who accepts a full athletic scholarship to a school within his or her home state may have a substantially lower COA than a student who accepts an athletic scholarship to a college or university across the country.