We have long known of the significant differences between the high school graduation and college enrollment rates of students from various racial groups. The NCAA Graduation Rate Data allows parents and students to review the 6-year graduation rates of regular students versus student-athletes, by race and gender, at all NCAA Division I, II, and III schools.

For example, the University of Georgia reports the following 6-year graduation rates:

  • 79 percent for all students
  • 59 percent for student-athletes
  • 57 percent for Black males
  • 39 percent for Black male student-athletes
  • 76 percent for Black females
  • 50 percent for Black female student-athletes

The overall Division I 6-year graduation rates are:

  • 62 percent for all students
  • 64 percent for student-athletes
  • 38 percent for Black male students
  • 49 percent for Black male student-athletes
  • 49 percent for Black female students
  • 63 percent for Black female student-athletes

The report also provides information regarding the number and racial makeup of scholarship recipients by sport. For example, at the University of Georgia, Blacks received 61 of the 86 football scholarships and 10 of the 12 basketball scholarships. Whites received 27 of the 29 Baseball scholarships and 27 of the 40 Track scholarships.