Our College Planning Cohort Program (TM) is offered to middle school and high school students. Our program is supported by eLearning Lessons for grades 6 -8; 9 -10; Grade 11; and Grade 12. Students may work directly with our foundation or through our faith- and community-based partners. We are also partnered with the Guilford County Schools (NC); Florence County School District 3; and Pinellas County Schools (FL). In 2018, we will be introducing a Community College Cohort through a partnership with Antelope Valley Community College in Lancaster, California. In addition to our year-long cohorts, we host College Planning Boot Camps for middle school and high school students each summer. 

Our cohort students are among the top performing and most motivated students in their respective middle schools and high schools; are measurably increasing their GPAs and SAT/ACT scores; are performing thousands of hours of community service and assuming leadership roles across an array of clubs, organizations, activities, and athletic teams; and are being offered admission and millions of dollars of scholarships to some of America’s most selective colleges and universities.

Our cohort students are assuming student loan debt at a rate that is far lower than the national average and graduating on time at a rate far higher than the national average. We are proud of the many hundreds of students with whom we have worked who are “Owning the Process.” 

Current faith- and community-based partners

ASA Guide Right (GA) • TCC Girl Scouts (GA) • Crossroads for Teens (GA) • World Victory International Christian Center (NC) • Friendship Missionary Baptist Church (NC) • United Ghana Christian Church (GA) • Turner Chapel AME Church

School district partners

Florence County School District 3 (SC) • Guilford County Schools (NC) • Pinellas County Schools (FL)


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