Constantly Evolving

Our curriculum is constantly evolving in both print materials and online classrooms. Browse through our catalog of offerings to find the books or online classroom that meets your needs.

Beyond the genuine caring of Mr. and Mrs. Wynn, the Founders/Instructors of our College Planning Cohort and College Planning Boot Camp Programs, in assisting students in discovering the best postsecondary pathways for pursuing their passions and minimizing student loan debt, the cornerstone of these cohort programs is our curriculum. Students participating in our cohorts and college planning boot camps, not only receive printed materials, but access a curriculum only available to registered students through our website.

Mr. Wynn, a longtime educator and researcher, and author of over 35 books, including a middle school-through-high school college planning series, has designed an online curriculum that is research-based and research-responsive. The research-based instructional design is based on culturally relevant pedagogy, profiling the diversity of students who have participated in our program and includes such components as differentiated instruction, narrative writing, engaging students in research, utilization of technology, and cultivating “conversational communities” of learners. Research-responsive components, based educational statistics and college admissions rates, guide students in synthesizing knowledge; engaging in self-reflection; participating in authentic conversations with other students, parents, and mentors; setting goals; and conceptualizing action plans.

Whether in-person or all virtual, students are guided in develop essential skills—narrative writing, critical thinking, collaboration, presentation, and the ability to share their thoughts and ideas. Through our virtual classrooms, students engage with students from throughout the country. In our in-person sessions as pictured above, students interact with others who share aspirations and have big dreams for their futures.