What We Believe

haun Harper, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
The deficit-focused conversations surrounding Black male achievement must change to focus on the factors that have, and continue to contribute toward Black male success. Mr. Wynn is a successful first generation college graduate. His older son graduated from Amherst College and his younger son is a 2015 Gates Millennium Scholar, currently attending Morehouse College. Mr. Wynn’s church has assisted Black males in navigating their way into top HBCUs, the Ivy League, and millions of dollars in scholarships. Shaun Harper in, “Succeeding in the City: A Report from the New York City Black and Latino Male High School Achievement Study,” provides compelling research confirming what Mychal Wynn outlined his 1992 text, “Empowering African-American Males to Succeed: A Ten Step Approach for Parents and Teachers” and in the updated text (2005), “Empowering African-American Males: A Guide to Increasing Black Male Achievement.”

The conversations must be focused on STRATEGIES!