Our Mission

is to ensure accessible and equitable opportunities for all students to enter into the primary to postsecondary pathway to college and careers.

What We Do…

We encourage, support, and prepare students to navigate the college planning process through materials and presentations that explain the four components of a successful college-bound plan: K-12 academic achievement and coursework, extracurricular activity involvement, the development of personal qualities, and intangibles such as race, gender, socioeconomic background, and secondary school attended.

We assist parents in maximizing the full range of opportunities available within their local school district, and preparing a college plan that reflects the uniqueness of their circumstances. We assist teachers, counselors, and mentors through training programs that expand their college knowledge and equip them with culturally responsive strategies to meet the needs of students and families within their local communities.

We consult with schools by providing staff development and developing the necessary strategies to achieve the goals outlined in their School Improvement Plan. We partner with faith organizations, nonprofit agencies, and businesses to meet the unique needs of students, families, and schools within their local communities. Our freely accessible web site serves as a complete college-planning portal for students, teachers, parents, and counselors.