The Meeting Street Scholarship Fund provides an opportunity for Florence County School District 3 students to receive up to $10,000 of college assistance. If you meet the eligibility criteria, and attend one of the eligible South Carolina 4-year colleges or universities, you may be awarded up to $10,000 through the Meeting Street Scholarship program.

The video presented below shares how the scholarship program was inspired and the first scholarship recipients from the Charleston County School District.

While the scholarship is limited to 18 South Carolina colleges and universities, each of the units in the class will provide guidance in researching and matching to the college or university best aligned with your educational and career aspirations. The units will also allow you to compare the net price of attending each college after applying the Meeting Street Scholarship.


  • Reside in Florence County
  • Graduate from a Florence School District 3 public high school
  • Qualify for the South Carolina LIFE or Palmetto Fellows Scholarship
    • Two of the following three requirements must be met:
      • Earn at least a 3.0 GPA in high school
      • Score at least 1100 on SAT or 24 on ACT
      • Rank in the top 30% of your graduating class
  • Attend one of the eligible SC colleges and universities
  • Qualify for the federal Pell Grant after completing the FAFSA

Eligible Colleges and Universities