Over the past several weeks, I have been presenting information from my newest book Show Me The Money: Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Making the Right College Choice. Based on audiences responses, all indications are that the new book will greatly assist parents and students in understanding how my complete college planning series of books (i.e., Middle School College Planning Series and High School College Planning Series), are connected. For many years, my college planning and financial aid workshops have been largely attended by high school seniors and their parents. However, it is elementary students and parents; and middle school students and parents, who need to begin their college and financial aid plan so that when students become high school seniors they are in a position to access the billions of dollars in available grants and scholarships.

As a result of the presentations, parents of elementary school students left with a better understand of how their child’s elementary school foundation, Multiple Intelligences, and Personality Type can be used to begin positioning their children for college scholarships. Parents of middle school students left with a better understanding of how their child’s middle school activities and coursework can position their children for college scholarships. I believe that all parents left with a better understanding of how to maximize their child’s four years of high school to complete their college admissions and financial aid plan.

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