During the past week, I had opportunities to speak to political and community leaders, school district personnel, and parents in the Ferguson-Florrisant School District. I am appreciative of the hospitality extended by Superintendent, Dr. Art McCoy, II, his staff, and District Community and Parent Engagement Facilitator, Ms. Ellenmaria Wilcock.

I also had the opportunity to address attendees at the opening of the SCABSE Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC and to conduct a workshop on the content of my newest book. I am appreciative of the hospitality extended by Dr. Zona Jefferson, conference chair, and SCABSE President, Mr. Nathaniel Haynes, Jr.

Following are links to the research and presentation information for each of my presentations:

The primary focus of these presentations was to sensitize educators, parents, and policy makers to the importance of gathering, examining, and being responsive to subgroup data. Whether conceptualizing strategies to increase student achievement, expand course enrollment, increase college readiness, or identify college scholarships, we must respond to the unique needs of students and families.

If you attended any of the presentations and you would like to email me with questions, please do so at: mychalwynn@mychalwynn.com