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January 1, 2024

Mychal Wynn

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024 and the second semester of the 2023-24 school year. Only a few short months ago, our middle school and high school students began the school year setting goals within the context of their college, career, and scholarship aspirations. The end of the first semester has provided a natural pause for students to reflect on the challenges and celebrate the successes of the first semester.

With the dawning of the new year, our January Module engages students in a mid-year assessment during which students will assess their first semester success; update their résumés and profiles; and affirm second semester goals. Our mid-year assessment meetings with students and parents allow the opportunity for us to provide feedback on how students’ academic, leadership, and community service profiles are aligned with their college and scholarship aspirations.

The focus of our 2024 newsletters will be on recognizing our high school seniors as they announce their college enrollment decisions and are awarded scholarships. We will also be profiling students who are making contributions to our program and their local community as they pursue our 3 pillars of scholarship, leadership, and service.

Early Decisions



Congratulations to Tuyen, from St. Petersburg High School IB Program (FL), and Chase, from Union Grove High School (GA), who applied Restrictive Early Action and are on their way to Caltech. Tuyen plans to major in bioengineering while Chase plans to major in computer science.

Congratulations to Natalie, from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics who applied Early Decision and is on her way to Duke where she plans to major in biology.

The facts about Caltech’s Restrictive Early Action: Caltech is one of the most selective schools in the U.S. and only offers admission to about 3% of applicants. Tuyen’s admission to Caltech guarantees a full scholarship via the QuestBridge College Match program. Chase is a recruited athlete and will be joining the Caltech basketball program where player bios read more like emerging scientists than basketball players. Caltech is a NCAA D-III athletic program where recruited athletes are held to the same academic standards as all other applicants, which requires a review of their applications by the entire Caltech faculty.

The facts about Duke’s Early Decision: Duke received a record number of early decision applicants (6,240) and offered admission to 806 students (a 12.9% acceptance rate), which is double Duke’s overall acceptance rate of 6.3%. Students applying to Duke via regular decision have less than a 4% chance of being offered admission. With both of her parents as Duke alum, Natalie is thrilled to continue the family legacy.

First Choice Decisions

Benedict College

College of Charleston

Winthrop University

Congratulations Jessica, Chance, and Jalaylah from J. Paul Truluck Creative Arts and Science Magnet School (SC).

Jessica has been offered admission to her top college choice, Benedict College, where she plans to major in psychology.

Chance has been offered admission to his top college choice, the College of Charleston where he plans to major in computer science.

Jalayah has been offered admission to her top college choice, Winthrop University, where she plans to major in education.

January Discussion Groups

10th and 11th Grade: We had great discussion groups at our December meeting and will continue the format in which our 10th graders join our 11th grade discussion group. Mr. Doug Lucas in the absence of Rev. Dr. Yolanda Davis did a great job facilitating the December discussion and challenged students to reflect on who they are and the body of work they will be presenting to future colleges and scholarship providers.

9th Grade: I (Mr. Wynn) will continue to facilitate the conversation with our 9th graders as they pursue becoming second semester academic superstars with what they are learning and implementing through our learning styles, study skills, and learning strategy focus.

Emerging Middle School Leaders: Our college adviser, Peyton Wilson, will continue to guide our Emerging Middle School Leaders through the leadership and community service project, which they will be introducing in their respective schools and communities in Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida

ACT Prep and Learning Strategies Plan: Mari, a junior at Chester High School in Chester, South Carolina will be joining Jocelyne, our Community Outreach Coordinator, and her team on our ACT Prep Project. All of the students participating on the project are high school juniors who are not only demonstrating leadership, but making a significant community service contribution to benefit thousands of students who are challenged with earning scholarship qualifying test scores.

Mid-year Assessment

Through the January Module, cohort students are engaging in their mid-year assessment. 3 key dates in our program are setting goals at the beginning of each school year; engaging in a mid-year assessment in January; and engaging in a year-end assessment in May. In this manner, students are continually monitoring their progress; engaging in appropriate interventions; and reevaluating coursework, activities, service, and leadership within the context of their college and career aspirations.

The January Module provides instructions for how students may request a mid-year assessment meeting. Reminder: Completing the first semester work is a prerequisite for requesting a mid-year assessment meeting.

11th Graders

MIT MITES Summer Program

The MIT MITES Semester and MITES Summer application and selection process is holistic, meaning that MIT considers a variety of factors when determining which students are the best fit for their programs. They look for students with demonstrated interest in science and engineering and a strong academic record who are motivated, hard-working, and focused on growth and improvement. Note how what we challenge students to do in our program is exactly what top programs are looking for in their applicants.

10th and 11th Graders

The LEAD Program is an international cross-sector collaborative of premier U.S. corporations, government agencies, higher education, and non-profit partnerships, that focus on developing high-potential youth of diverse backgrounds into high achievers and responsible leaders. The application period is now open for some of their summer institutes.


Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) is one of the most globally diverse, two-week academic summer programs in the world. Serving over 2,000 students from 150+ countries and all 50 U.S. states, YYGS distributes over $3 Million USD in need-based financial aid to both domestic and international students.

Apply for YYGS by January 10, 2024

Being invited to the Yale Young Global Scholars Program is a good indicator of your overall competitiveness as a college applicant. Previous cohort students, Jayla Jones (SC) was invited to YYGS and eventually offered admission to Williams College; Omar Dixon, Jr. (GA) was invited to YYGS and eventually offered admission to Brown University and selected as a Jack Kent Cooke College Scholar; and TaRetta Bright (GA) was invited to YYGS and eventually awarded the Alumni Scholarship (a full scholarship) to North Carolina A&T State University.

7th Graders

Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars

The Cooke Young Scholars Program is a selective five-year, pre-college scholarship for high-performing 7th grade students with financial need. It provides comprehensive academic and college advising, as well as financial support for school, Cooke-sponsored summer programs, internships, and other learning enrichment opportunities.

Our Community Outreach Coordinator, Jocelyne Lioe, a junior in the St. Petersburg High School IB Program, is a Cooke Young Scholar and available to answer any questions regarding her involvement in the program.

The application period opens on February 9, 2024 and closes on May 9, 2024.

Mark Your Calendar:

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Monthly meetings are restricted to students registered in our program and their parents.