Dartmouth Bound: Summer Program

Summer Program

Explore the intersection of academics, engagement, and leadership at Dartmouth College.


The Dartmouth Bound: Summer Program takes place in July and is designed to provide high school seniors from historically underrepresented backgrounds and communities with an opportunity to preview college by immersion in student life at Dartmouth. Participants will live in a Dartmouth residence hall and will attend workshops on the admissions and financial aid processes. The program encompasses the academic dimensions of Dartmouth by providing access to classes and interaction with our faculty. Also, there will be ample time to enjoy meaningful conversation with current students and staff on how to weave academics, social engagement, and leadership into your college experience.


Admissions officers will walk you through our individualized review process and provide tips for completing college applications. You will have the chance to review real applications to the College as part of a mock admissions committee exercise. Admissions officers will be available to you throughout your stay to address individuals’ questions about the college application process.

In addition to attending regularly scheduled classes, you will attend sessions led by our featured faculty members. These offer a chance for you to hear a faculty member speak about how his or her work contributes to the themes of academics, social engagement, and leadership. Additionally, faculty will show the relevance of undergraduate classes and research to the great issues facing us in the world today.

You’ll have the opportunity to tour the campus, which will help you gain a general orientation of the Dartmouth campus and facilities, as well as specific areas of interest.

Need-based financial aid makes a Dartmouth education affordable for students. Our financial aid officers will provide an overview of the financial aid application process and address how special circumstances are taken into consideration. Admissions and financial aid staff will help you decipher the vocabulary of “full need,” “Early Decision,” “Regular Decision” and other terms that will empower you to make a smart financial choice while navigating the college process.

Throughout your time on campus you will connect with current Dartmouth students who will tell you about their college experience and provide answers to your questions about what campus life is really like.