The Collegiate Leadership Summit

Franklin & Marshall College invites high school students from diverse backgrounds with a strong history of leadership to campus to explore their leadership abilities as they transition to a college environment. The Collegiate Leadership Summit is a two-day program that provides selected delegates an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Delegates will interact with members of the F&M community and experience life in a selective liberal arts environment as they participate in leadership oriented workshops, seminars, and group activities. Delegates will also demonstrate their leadership skills through an admission interview and group activities. The cost of travel and attendance is covered by the College.

The Collegiate Leadership Summit will occur twice in the fall semester for high school seniors.

*Nominations for both sessions of the Collegiate Leadership Summit will go live in May.


All candidates must be currently enrolled in high school, completing their senior year.

Nomination Requirements

  • A minimum GPA of 3.3 in rigorous classes
  • Must be of a background underrepresented in higher education
  • Must have demonstrated leadership in his or her school or community

Nomination Process

Please nominate students using the CLS Nomination form.

*Once a student is nominated, they will receive the CLS application. Please know that a student must complete the application by the above deadline to be considered for the Collegiate Leadership Summit.


Please send an email to Brittany McClinton, Assistant Dean of Admission, or call (717) 358-7155.