SCTPF Scholarship Information
The South Carolina Tennis Patrons Foundation established two $2,000 scholarships in 1993. These scholarships were recently named in honor of Lucy Garvin and Jim Russell.  A third scholarship, The Randall G. Heffron, D.M.D. Memorial Scholarship Award, was established in 2005.  The Heffron Scholarship uses the same criteria as the Patrons Foundation Scholarships and is selected by the SCTPF Scholarship Committee.  The Heffron scholarship is funded through contributions made to the Coastal Community Foundation.   A fourth scholarship, the Foster Family Scholarship, was added in 2016.  It, also, follows the same general criteria except it is awarded only to applicants who have played at least two years of high school tennis including their senior year.  The Foster Family Scholarship is funded by Amy Foster Martin in memory of her parents, Sonny and Jerry Foster, and her brother Larry Foster.

The criteria for selection of all four scholarships in the order of significance include:

•    Academic achievement
•    Character and sportsmanship
•    Extracurricular activities and community service
•    Notable tennis achievements
•    Applicant Essay, “The Impact of Tennis on My Life”

These $2000 scholarships are for the freshman year only.  Payment will be made directly to the college or university in the name of the recipient. Scholarship funds may only be used to defer costs of tuition, books, campus housing and/or campus food service programs.

Students that have received a full scholarship, a full scholarship equivalent (combined scholarships) or an appointment to one of the military service academies are not eligible for the SCTPF Scholarship Program. Additionally, students who receive the Dunlop Scholarship are not eligible for a SCTPF scholarship.

Click here to review the full SCTPF Scholarship Policy.

Applications must be received by June 30th. Recipients will be selected by the South Carolina Tennis Patrons Foundation Scholarship Committee.  Click here for the scholarship application.

Dunlop Scholarship: The Dunlop Scholarship, established in 1992, is sponsored jointly by Dunlop Slazenger Corporation and the Wachovia and Palmetto Championships. The Palmetto Championships was founded in Belton, SC in 1957 and has been played that town each year since. The tournament, held in June, is for junior boys and girls in South Carolina and serves as the state’s national qualifying tournament. Dunlop Slazenger has worked with the Palmetto Championships since the early 1980’s in an effort to improve the tournament and junior tennis in the state. This scholarship is a further effort by Dunlop Slazenger to provide more opportunities to our junior players. The Scholarship recognizes an incoming college female or male who has participated in junior tennis in South Carolina.


  • Must have played in at least two Palmetto Championships (the current year may count as one of the two)
  • Must have received a USTA SC ranking at least two years
  • Must play in current year’s Palmetto Championships (unless junior eligibility has expired or there is an injury)
  • Must be an incoming freshman at an accredited post-secondary college, university or vocational school in the United States
  • Must not already have a full scholarship
This $2000 scholarship is for the freshman year only. Payment will be made directly to the college or university in the name of the recipient. Applications must be received by May 20th. The winner will be announced at the 18’s Party held during the Palmetto Championships. The committee may wish to interview the scholarship finalists if necessary to make a decision. If needed, the interviews will be scheduled for the first day of the tournament. Click here to download the application.

Southern Tennis Patrons Foundation Junior Player Grant

Financial aid is available on a limited basis and is awarded based on need for players ranked in USTA Southern Section ELIGIBLE top 100 standings, age groups 12-18s. Family income must be $99,000 or less to qualify. Download the application here to view additional eligibility criteria.

SCTPF Junior Player Grant

The South Carolina Tennis Patrons Foundation offers financial aid on a limited basis, primarily on need, for junior players. Grants are awarded from $100-$500 per calendar year for tennis related expenses.

Recipients may be asked to provide accountability of how grant funds were spent. Compliance with accountability requests could affect eligibility for future grant consideration.

General Requirements

  • Player must be a full time resident of South Carolina and must be a USTA Member.
  • Player must be willing to play on state and sectional teams if asked.
  • Grant funds may be used for any tennis related expenses (equipment, lessons, entry fees, travel expenses, etc.).
  • Player’s annual family income $99,000 or less; exceptions can be made when multiple players come from one family.
  • A player may only apply for one grant per calendar year. However, a player who improves his or her ranking/standing during the year, can qualify for the difference in funding from one grant to the other (i.e. if a player whose standing is 15th in the state receives a $250 competition grant, then improves his or her standing to top 5 in the state and top 50 in the south, the player may apply for the $250 difference between the Competition and High Performance grants).
  • If an applicant’s family income is greater than $50,000, the maximum household (brothers and sisters) award in grant money may not exceed $700 per calendar year. If an applicant’s family income is $50,000 or less, then an additional $100 per applicant will be considered. This adjusted total household award in grant money may not exceed $1000 per calendar year.
  • Whichever is more, $2000 or 25%, of the total SCTPF Junior Player Grant budget will be used for grants to families with a household income less than $50,000. Any monies remaining from this amount after July 1 can be used by any eligible applicant.
  • Grant dollars are limited to the amount budgeted by SCTPF each calendar year on a first come first served basis.

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