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Posse Scholars

Our Foundation is a Nominating Organization

Our foundation serves as a nominating organization for the Posse Atlanta Office. Partner colleges for the Posse Atlanta are:

  1. Bard College (Scholarship Award Valued at: $190,240)
  2. Brandeis University (Scholarship Award Valued at: $184,088)
  3. Boston University (Scholarship Award Valued at: $182,744)
  4. The College of Wooster (Scholarship Award Valued at: $173,400)
  5. Syracuse University (Scholarship Award Valued at: $161,520)
  6. Texas A&M University (Scholarship Award Valued at: $105,424)

If you are high school junior living the Atlanta area, you may email: info@accessandequity.org if you would like to be considered for nomination.

What the Posse Atlanta Office does

The POSSE Foundation identifies, recruits and trains public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential to become Posse Scholars. These students—many of whom might have been overlooked by traditional college selection processes—receive four-year, full-tuition leadership scholarships from Posse’s partner institutions of higher education. Posse also partners with graduate programs, which provide scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to Posse Alumni interested in earning advanced degrees.

Each fall, students are nominated by high schools and community-based organizations for their leadership and academic potential. Posse partner colleges and universities award merit-based leadership scholarships to multicultural teams of 10 students each. These teams (Posses) attend college together.

What the Posse Foundation provides….

Every year,* Posse works closely with its network of high schools and community-based organizations to recruit Posse Scholars. Each Posse Scholar wins a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to attend one of Posse’s partner colleges or universities.

Students who are chosen to become Posse Scholars find out in late December, which means that they have committed to attend a partner university for the following semester.


To be eligible, a high school senior MUST:

  1. Be nominated by their high school or a community-based organization
  2. Be in the first term of their senior year in high school. Depending on the Posse city, nominations are often taken between the spring and early August before the new school year begins.
  3. Demonstrate leadership within their high school, community or family.
  4. Demonstrate academic potential.
  5. There is not minimum GPA needed to be maintained by a Posse Scholar, but the Scholar should keep in mind that schoolwork should be well maintained and still looked upon with a high regard.
  6. Posse has no cut offs as far as GPAs and SATs/ACTs. Posse does look for students who demonstrate high academic potential and have the desire to perform well in top ranked academic environments.

Target applicant…

Posse seeks students who are:

  • Leaders in their high schools and communities
  • Committed to their education and demonstrate academic potential
  • Interested in teamwork and diversity
  • Positive, motivated, talented, ambitious young people

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