2013 National GEAR UP Conference

I am grateful to all of the participants who thought it important enough to engage in the conversation regarding strategies to more effectively reach, encourage, and assist Latino and Migrant families in conceptualizing their college-bound plans. I am also grateful for the very kind and insightful evaluations of my session.

Now that you have taken the time to visit our foundation website, please take time to read some of the other blog entries pertaining to working with demographic subgroups, college planning, and scholarship research.

Below are some of the blog entries I believe you will find helpful in your work.

The research pertaining to the anti-deficit framework that I referenced is by University of Pennsylvania Professor, Shaun Harper, Black Male Success in Higher Education.Click here to read my blog entry…

My references to the “college knowledge gap” and some of the research-based challenges facing students from lower income backgrounds are outlined in my blog entry “Informing Low-Income Students About Their College Options.”

The California Opportunity Report: Roadblocks to College provides other useful research information to more fully understand how to be “research-responsive” to the needs of students living in poverty, Hispanic, African-American, and migrant families.

My blog entry, “Gates Millennium Scholars Scholarship” provides more insight into the program and why it is so important that students who meet the eligibility criteria learn about the program as early as possible during their education so that they have the opportunity to earn the GPA and to engage in the type of leadership activities that will make them competitive candidates.

One of the best kept secrets and greatest opportunities for students of color and students from lower income backgrounds are “Diversity Weekends.” My blog entry outlines a variety of Diversity Weekends hosted on the campuses of some of the most selective colleges in the country. Many of the schools provide free transportation, housing, and meals for invited students. These opportunities go the heart of my presentation, i.e., anti-deficit thinking. If you begin from the premise that your students are not performing well enough to be invited to such weekends, then you will miss the importance of talking to them about the opportunity. The goal is share the opportunity and to inspire them to make themselves into a competitive candidate for such opportunities. Click to go to the category on my blog…

Keep in mind that the three keys I spoke about regarding student and family engagement are Inspiration, Information, and Strategies. Your pursuit of these keys should assist you in identifying the consultants, speakers, and messengers who can inspire your students and parents, inform them of what must be done to navigate their way through the very complicated college admissions and financial aid processes, and provide them with the strategies to make the right college match and acquire the necessary financial aid to pay for college.

Finally,click here to download a pdf file of today’s PowerPoint…

Keep in touch and I wish you the best in serving the needs of students and families in your program.