“It was the best year of my life.”

“The Churchill Scholar experience completely opened my eyes to new horizons in all aspects of life. Intellectually, I explored the application of mathematics to new and exciting areas. Personally, I reinvented myself, having moved to a new continent where I would find countless new friends. Culturally, it was my first opportunity to experience living in a new culture as a foreigner, which showed me new perspectives on my own culture as well as others. Socially, I was surrounded by brilliant scientists, doctors, lawyers, philosophers, mathematicians, engineers, and artists: many would become life-long friends. It is rare in one’s life to experience the kind of freedom the Churchill Scholars find at Churchill College. It is especially profound when coming straight from the high-pressure focus of undergraduate courses. With the time, energy and freedom characteristic of fellowship at the Churchill MCR, the historical perspective of the Churchill legacy and immersion in the academic community the Churchill Scholars are in a unique position for personal reflection and advancement. Having embarked on such an unknown adventure and thoroughly loved it, it give me a new confidence and appreciation for risk taking. It’s an opportunity of get to know yourself, and to grow in all areas of life.”

What Churchill Scholars Say About Their Year at Cambridge