Merit-Based Institutional Aid

Virginia Union University’s financial aid options provide a good example of why students should carefully research their college choices and expand their college options. The cost of attending Virginia Union University is $22,702 per academic year. A student who qualifies for both the Pell Grant ($5,645) and Virginia Union merit-based financial aid may very well be able to cover the entire cost of attendance without acquiring any outside scholarships. Whereas, a student attending a state university that does not offer merit-based financial aid may find that even after paying in-state tuition rates, they are forced to borrow thousands of dollars to pay the cost of attendance. Do your research!

Virginia Union University

Virginia Union offers many merit-based scholarships:

  • $15,000+up to $1,000 book award  [3.8 or higher GPA/SAT 1250 (CR and Math)/ACT 28
  • $13,314+up to $1,000 book award  [3.8 or higher GPA/SAT 1100 (CR and Math)/ACT 24
  • $8,000 Academic Merit [3.8 or higher GPA/SAT 800 (CR and Math)/ACT 16
  • $5,000 Academic Merit [3.5-3.799 GPA/SAT 800 (CR and Math)/ACT 16
  • $4,000 Academic Merit [3.0-3.499 GPA/SAT 800 (CR and Math)/ACT 16
  • $2,000 Incentive Grant [Requirement 2.5 GPA]

Vision Statement

Virginia Union University is a premier liberal arts, urban institution of higher education and center of excellence for the preparation of students and development of leaders for tomorrow’s world.

Mission Statement

Virginia Union University is nourished by its African American and Christian heritage and energized by a commitment to excellence and diversity.

Its mission is to:

  1. Provide a nurturing intellectually challenging and spiritually enriching environment for learning;
  2. Empower students to develop strong moral values for success; and
  3. Develop scholars, leaders, and lifelong learners of a global society.

To accomplish this mission, Virginia Union University offers a broad range of educational opportunities that advance liberal arts education, teaching, research, science, technology, continuing education, civic engagement, and international experiences.