The Turner Chapel AME Church’s 4th annual college fair is an excellent opportunity for students and families to learn what it takes to get into college and how to avoid incurring thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

High school seniors should come prepared:

  • Bring your résumé, transcript, SAT/ACT score reports
  • Many colleges will waive application fees for applications submitted at the college fair
  • Learn about institutional grants, scholarships, financial aid, and the HOPE scholarship

All of other students should come and learn:

  • What it takes to get accepted into top colleges
  • What type of classes you should be taking in middle and high school
  • What type of SAT/ACT scores will get you full scholarships
  • What type of leadership, community service, and activities will qualify you for top scholarships


  • I [Mychal Wynn] will be conducting a session on “Scholarships, financial aid, and Making the Right College Choice”
  • The Georgia Student Finance Commission will be conducting a session on the HOPE scholarship and other Georgia scholarships and grants
  • Other sessions will provide information on 529 savings plans, college admissions, SAT/ACT prep, and more…
  • Resources include the Gates Millennium Scholars program, Posse Foundation program, Questbridge program, fraternities, sororities, the Turner Chapel Education Ministry, and more…

Click here to watch video from the 2011 College Fair…