Among the most important and long-standing initiatives of the SCBA’s Young Bankers Division is its scholarship program. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been awarded over the years to deserving students through money raised by the Young Bankers Division Golf Tournament and the fundraising efforts of students of the South Carolina Bankers School.

To reinforce its commitment to education and assist students with the ever-increasing cost of higher education, the South Carolina Bankers Association bolstered its scholarship giving with the SCBA Palmetto Scholarship. A key component of the revamped program is its emphasis on offering scholarships to the children of employees of SCBA-member banks.

For more than a century, the SCBA has been blessed with the strong support of its member institutions and their employees. The Bankers Association believes offering scholarships to deserving children of bank employees helps demonstrate both its appreciation to member banks and their employees.  It also serves as a means for building a path to a better, more prosperous South Carolina.

The SCBA understands that many students today often find themselves burdened by significant debt upon graduation. By offering scholarships to children of bank employees, the SCBA seeks to help students pursue higher education while also laying the foundation for the next generation of South Carolina’s leaders.

To be considered for the SCBA Palmetto Scholarship students must:

  • Be a resident of South Carolina;
  • Have a parent who lives in South Carolina and works for a SCBA member bank in South Carolina;
  • Be a full-time junior or senior undergraduate at an accredited four-year college or university in South Carolina during the fall semester of 2017;
  • Have a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale;
  • Be active in his or her school and community, demonstrate a solid work ethic, and possess strong leadership abilities, good teamwork and a desire to succeed; and
  • Submit a resume and letter of recommendation from a dean or professor when completing the online application.

The submission process for consideration in the SCBA Palmetto Scholarship involves completing the application form found on the SCBA’s website in the Young Bankers Division section under “Scholarships” (handwritten and/or incomplete applications will not be processed). Applicants must also upload a resume and letter of recommendation from a dean or professor.

The application deadline is March 17, 2017. Unfortunately, applications submitted after this date will not be considered.

The Scholarship Committee will review and grade the applications.  Students will be notified in late spring.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the SCBA Palmetto Scholarship, please call SCBA Senior Vice President Carolyn Laffitte at 803.779.0850.