It is the mission of the foundation to sponsor and participate in programs that promote an interest in post secondary learning in students of all ages.

The foundation has three primary pillars:

  • Provide financial assistance to students who have experienced particular challenges in their lives through scholarships.
  • Offer web based resources for post-secondary experiences to differently abled students and their families.
  • Promote scholarly readiness for students of all ages, especially those within marginalized communities.

Eligibility Requirements

Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for the scholarships, provided you meet the following requirements:

  • Must be current high school seniors at the time of their application
  • Must demonstrate leadership in school and/or the community
  • Must be an active member of a community service program
  • May be U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or undocumented students*
  • Recent recipients of either scholarship are able to apply for renewal of the scholarship.
  • GPA must be 2.5 and higher
  • SAT score must be 800 and higher
  • ACT score must be 17 and higher

Application Timeline

Below is the timeline for interested applicants to plan the submission of their application to The Leading by Legacy  Scholarship as well as key dates when eligible applicants will be notified:

  • March 1: Interested applicants can begin to complete and submit The Leading by Legacy Scholarship application.
  • May 1: The Final postmarked deadline in order to be considered for The Leading by Legacy Scholarship.
  • May 1 – May 30: Applications are reviewed by the Program staff.
  • June 15: Winners in the competition are notified.

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