The Truman is a very competitive national scholarship. Each year, the Foundation reviews over 600 applications for our 60 to 65 Scholarships awarded annually. These 600 applications do not include the students who compete on their own campus for one of a school’s four nominations.

Although the award is competitive, we hope that our application process – while challenging – is straightforward. We hope that by providing clear information to all prospective applicants we enable everyone to produce the best application possible.

Below is a step-by-step guide through the Truman selection process.

Are You a Potential Truman Scholar?
A listing of the general requirements for the Truman Scholarship.

Find Your Faculty Representative
All Candidates for the Truman must be nominated by their undergraduate institution. Our Fac Rep Locator will help you to find the representative at your school – and provide guidance if there is not a current representative at your school. Faculty Representatives can also answer both specific questions about the application process as well as general questions about whether the Truman is right for you.

Review Important Dates
The deadlines for the competition as well as information on the announcements of finalists and Scholars.

Review the Application
The Truman Application consists of an Institutional Nomination form and letter, three additional letters of recommendation, a recent transcript, a 14 question application, and a policy proposal.

Get Nominated
Nominations must be made by either the Fac Rep or the Truman Nomination Committee at your undergraduate institution.

Prepare Your Application
Suggestions for preparing the best application possible.