The U.S. Fulbright Program is designed to give recent B.A./B.S. graduates, students enrolled in masters or doctoral programs, and young professionals and artists opportunities for personal development, intellectual, professional and artistic growth and international experience. Fulbright Fellows receive research/study grants, which allow them to pursue one academic year of self-designed study and/or research, or academic year English teaching assistantships.

Eligibility: To qualify for awards, candidates must:
1) be U.S. citizens at the time of application. Permanent residents are not eligible;
2) hold a B.A degree or the equivalent before the start of the grant;
3) have sufficient proficiency in the written and spoken language of the host country to communicate with the people and to carry out the proposed study. This is especially important for projects in the social sciences and the humanities.

While the internal Emory application deadline for the Fulbright Fellowship is on or around September 1, students interested in applying are strongly encouraged to seek assistance from the Scholarships and Fellowships office in the Spring semester of their junior year. The office can provide students with information and advice about submitting an application as well as guidance on crafting their personal statement, and,  in the case of students applying for the Full Research/Study grant, their research proposal.

See also the U.S. Department of State Fulbright Program.

For information about applying for the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship, click here.

For information about applying for the Fulbright Research/Study Grant, click here.