The college-planning workshop, “Choosing the Right Summer Programs” hosted by the Turner Chapel AME Church Education Ministry is taken from the book, “A High School Plan for Students with College-Bound Dreams”:

“Your experiences, such as where you have traveled, the type of communities where you have lived, the organizations with which you have been involved with, and the programs or camps in which you have participated contribute to your intangibles (p. 101). The summer months between 8th grade and your senior year of high school should not be squandered. Take advantage of the many opportunities to explore your talents, interests, and abilities. Some of the many opportunities that you may explore, experience, or become involved in are:

  • Traveling
  • Working in a meaningful job related to an area of interest or through an internship
  • Participating in a summer learning opportunity in an academic, artistic, or community service
  • Participating in pre-college summer camps/programs
  • Participating in a AAU, USATF, or club sport
  • Participating in summer practice for a high school sport such as football, cross country, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, etc.
  • Volunteering as a counselor, life guard, coach, or art instructor at a parks and recreation, Boys & Girls Club, or community program
  • Taking some of your non-academic classes or electives in summer school to open your schedule for more honors or advanced classes during the regular school year

There are many summer enrichment, internship, and college program opportunities. The first two stops are your high school counselor’s office and the web. Research programs related to your areas of interest and utilize the opportunity to increase your academic or athletic skills. Try to concentrate first and foremost on those areas that related directly to your college interests, whether in your major field or study or in sports that you intend to pursue on the college level (pp 163-164).”

The workshop also expanded parents’ and students’ understanding of the importance of taking advantage of summer program and enrichment opportunities to enhance students’ résumés and expand students’ gifts. To begin identifying summer program opportunities, do an Internet search of your area of interest, e.g., music summer programs, sports camps, pre-college programs.

Click onto the follow images for links to some of the many summer program opportunities shared in the workshop.