Teach breakthroughs: Summer Internship Opportunity

Do you like a challenge? The Breakthrough Summer Teaching Internship is an incredible opportunity for more than 700 outstanding high school and college students each summer. Lead your own middle-school classroom. Experience first-hand what it’s like to teach, motivate, and inspire your own students. Grow as a leader and an educator. It will be the most meaningful 8 weeks of your life!

Our Teachers on the Breakthrough Experience:It’sSerious Fun!

What will I learn?

Guided by experienced, professional educators – Mentor Teachers – this incredible program gives every teacher-intern an opportunity to:

Participate in an intensive pre-summer teacher-training program

  • Plan and implement an academically rigorous curriculum
  • Develop strong student engagement practices
  • Lead a small middle school class
  • Build meaningful relationships with students as a role model
  • Design an elective course
  • Practice a variety of evaluative and assessment techniques
  • Connect with inspiring high school and college students who share your passion for education and service

Sure, the Breakthrough Teaching Experience will look impressive on your college or job application, but more importantly, Breakthrough will provide you with an opportunity to challenge yourself in a meaningful way and make a profound impacton a young person’s life.

How do I apply?

Breakthrough Collaborative’s Summer 2012 application is live! Click here to apply.

Are you a college student at one of our Campus Recruiter campuses? Click that link to find out more about that incredible program.

What’s involved?

For 8 weeks every summer hundreds of outstanding high school and college students all across the country teach with Breakthrough. Here’s what a typical day is like.