High school students have a variety of ways of submitting their college applications, i.e., by mail, in person (either at a college fair or by walking your application into the college’s office of admissions), or online.

I am not aware of any colleges and universities that accept applications directly from prospective students online, however, following are three online options that allow students to submit their application to member schools Online:

Some colleges and universities may require a supplement in addition to the online application. Supplements usually contain additional, institution-specific questions and, in some cases, additional essay questions. However, even when a college or university does not require a supplement, you may consider including extra materials if you believe that they will enhance your application, give the school a better understanding of your unique gifts and talents, and thereby increase your changes of being accepted.

If you are planning to apply to multiple schools, completing the online applications will save time and likely reduce errors, e.g., misspellings, missing documents, etc. With all of the normal anxiety of applying to college, you will at least eliminate the anxiety associated with wondering if the college received your application or if it was lost in the mail.