Visionary Leaders Principal’s Institute (Presented at the NABSE Conference in New Orleans, LA)

At today’s Visionary Leaders Principal’s Institute participants were led through important strategic discussions as a precursor to identifying the people, programs, and practices needed to cultivate a high-performing school culture. In attendance were school board members, administrators, teachers, staff persons, and community representatives from throughout the United States and Canada.

Some of the important information shared was:

  • Most children want to attend college despite the reality that few children are considered “college ready” after graduating from high school
  • Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, the former Marva Collin’s Westside Preparatory School, Urban Prep Charter High School, and Morehouse College have proven that high achievement can be achieved with the nation’s lowest performing student group (i.e., African-American males)
  • Each school must identify the “Champions” needed to reach students, implement programs, or transform school culture
  • Each school must conceptualized the necessary strategies to support their Champions and identify the funding sources to ensure that their Champions are able to meet the needs of all students–from the highest performing to the lowest performing

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During my second presentation, participants were led through some of the issues outlined in the book, “Increasing Achievement & Inspiring Parent Involvement” necessary to sensitize staff persons to the real issues confronting students and families.

Participants explored the importance of engaging staff persons, mentors, and volunteers in such conversations as:

  • How a focus on learning necessitates developing an understanding of students and families
  • Understanding what has shaped the world view of students of color and families living in poverty
  • Understanding how to ease student anxiety
  • Understanding the importance of using mistakes to learn and not to punish
  • The importance of making connections to student interests and connecting students to themselves
  • The importance of meeting the needs of your best parents

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