InLikeMe is dedicated to helping high school students (and their parents) define, pursue and realize their college admissions goals.

The mission of is to help students and parents navigate the road to affordable, high-quality, post-secondary education. To accomplish this, provides information, strategies and resources on a wide range of college-bound areas including: curriculum, entrance exams, finding the right schools, summer programs, community service, enrichment, student aid, scholarships, developing your “hook”, athletes, international students, and more.

The Founder and Publisher of InLikeMe is Lynn Radlauer Lubell, a graduate of MIT who also earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. She is an independent college consultant and the Founder of Admission By Design.  She is a professional member of  IECA, a member of HECA, and a featured speaker.

Lynn believes that every student should have the opportunity to pursue the higher education that is right for them.  She is pleased to share her passion for education, along with the knowledge, insight and resources she has developed as a college consultant, admissions interviewer, and information geek through

As a Guide to the College Guides, InLikeMe is centered at the intersection of college planning, selection, admissions testing and financial aid with a focus on helping you find your “right fit” schools and develop a strategy to get admitted. Specifically, InLikeMe is a hub for the college-bound, a site packed full of information, commentary and advice along with direct links to hundreds of resources and tools.

InLikeMe was founded to overcome frustration with the fragmented nature of the college planning and application process. There are numerous resources, advisory services and commercial web sites with varying levels of quality and relevance.  But, until InLikeMe was launched in 2008 none tied it all together in one practical, easy-to-use site.

Does InLikeMe provide links to for-profit sites?   Yes, because some candidates really do require or would benefit from access to certain types of guidance, testing or assistance that are just not available from school or community resources.   But we go much further in terms of identifying cost-free resources, explaining how they can be useful and how they can fit into a sensible and reasonable plan.

The college application process is rife with confusion, anxiety and misinformation. This extends from evaluating colleges, to finding financial aid, to thinking about where a student would find a strong “fit”.  InLikeMe can be invaluable in helping to sort through these impediments, managing all the information, constructing action plans for each year of high school, and in thinking about how a college candidate can position him or herself to get all that they can out of the college experience.