Returning Students Registration


Returning Student Cohort Registration (Sept – May)

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Returning Students Registration

Only students who participated in our cohort program during the 2022/23 school year qualify for the $100 discount off of the $499.95 2023/24 cohort registration. 

7-year Curriculum

Our College Planning Cohort Program is a 7-year curriculum-based program reflecting our 3 pillars of scholarship, leadership, and service designed around the “Essential Questions,” developed by the Coalition of Essential Schools (Coalition of Essential Schools):
  • From whose viewpoint are we seeing or reading or hearing? From what angle or perspective?
  • How do we know when we know? What’s the evidence, and how reliable is it?
  • How are things, events, or people connected to each other? What is the cause and what is the effect? How do they fit together?
  • What’s new and what’s old? Have we run across this idea before?
  • So what? Why does it matter? What does it all mean?

Through the process of deeply considering their current goals and long-term aspirations within a college planning context, students increase their critical thinking skills as they continuously ponder, “What is the right college for me? Where will I receive the most financial aid? How can I further develop my body of work?”

3-year Emerging Leaders Middle School Program: Our middle school college planning approach is to guided middle school students in planning their 7-year middle school through high school trajectory across the areas of academics, leadership, community service, and school/community engagement.
4-year College Planning Cohort Program: Our high school college planning approach is to inspire students to be intrinsically-motivated learners and leaders, and to maximize school and community-based opportunities to develop their gifts and talents, and to have a community impact through their leadership and service. Through our grade-level appropriate curriculum:
9th graders EXPLORE and ESTABLISH themselves for making a successful transition into high school through a yearlong focus on study skills and planning their high school trajectory across our 3 pillars of scholarship, leadership, and service.
10th graders REVISIT and RE-AFFIRM their successful approach to studying and learning and aligning scholarship pathways with their academics, leadership, service, and gifts and talents.
11th graders PLAN to pursue specific college and scholarship pathways.
Please Note: Books must be purchased separately. Registered students will receive a discount code to purchase books at a 10% discount and free shipping.

Note: Please review our Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing your registration.

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