A Senior School Plan for Bermudians with College-Bound Dreams


ISBN: 978-1880463-59-8

Publication Date: 2006

8.5 x 11, 320 pages | $29.95

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Developed through a collaboration with Dr. Melvyn Bassett, Lisa Dailey, R. Sandra Dill, Nancy Mattola, Jermaine Postlethwaite, Winifred Simmons, and Michael Wagner. A comprehensive text and proven strategies for developing a comprehensive 4-year high school plan to maximize a student’s college admission and scholarship opportunities. Students are guided through a step-by-step process that begins with the end in mind, i.e., where a student wants to attend college and the amount of financial aid a student requires to avoid student loans. Students learn how to develop the right course schedule of academic and elective classes to maximize their gifts and talents; how to identify extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities that will make them a competitive college and scholarship candidate; how to maximize local opportunities to develop their gifts and talents into their ‘hook’; the importance of maximizing summer enrichment opportunities; how to develop the personal qualities that distinguish themselves in the applicant pool; and how to focus their college admissions so that they have ‘the right voice in the room.’

Dr. Melvyn Bassett notes,

A Senior School Plan for Bermudian Students with College-Bound Dreams is a continuum of the book, A Middle School Plan for Bermudian Students with College-Bound Dreams. we were honoured to have been offered the opportunity to collaborate with the book’s author, Mychal Wynn, to provide insight into the many issues, topics, and support needed to assist students in developing an action plan during their senior school years and that will prepare them for successful college-level study.

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