A Middle School Plan for Bermudian Students with College-Bound Dreams


ISBN: 978-1880463-70-3

Publication Date: 2004

160 pages • $19.95

Developed through a collaboration with Dr. Melvyn Bassett, Dr. Glenn Bascome, Dr. Dena Butterfield-Lister, Deana Ingham, and Austin Warner, Jr. A comprehensive text and proven strategies for maximizing the middle school years of a a comprehensive 7-year middle-through-high school plan to maximize a student’s college admission and scholarship opportunities. Research by the ACT testing agency concludes that students who enter high school behind academically, are unlikely to catch up despite the quality of the teachers and high school programs. Far too many students neglect the middle schools and the importance of developing a strong academic foundation, identifying the gifts and talents that have college scholarship potential, and entering high school on track to be admitted into their top-choice colleges.

Dr. Melvyn Bassett notes,

“A Middle School Plan for Bermudian Students with College-Bound Dreams has been developed as a tool to assist students in their transition from primary to middle school, and, from middle to senior school. It has been our intent, through collaboration with the book’s author, Mychal Wynn, to provide insight into the many issues, topics, and support needed to assist students in the development of career and life plans while providing insight for teachers and parents as they support students at these transition points and during the critical middle school years.” (p. iix)

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