Graduate/Professional School Application – Guided Support


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Graduate/Professional School – Guided Support

We take a comprehensive approach to assisting students in applying to graduate or professional schools:

  • We provide guidance in developing up to a 1,000-word personal statement
  • We provide guidance in developing writing responses to support a single application
  • Application review for as many as 3 schools
  • Recommendation for transitioning a student’s résumé into a CV in a manner in which work and activities support the student’s overall application

Our all-virtual format

Session 1: Mr. and Mrs. Wynn meet with a student and his/her parents to listen to the student’s graduate/professional school aspirations and the student’s personal passions. Mr. and Mrs. Wynn share their candid observations regarding the student’s body of work and discuss that types of experiences about which the student feels most passionate as part of the process of identifying possible essay topics. Once a topic is selected, the student engages in pre-writing prior to the second session.

This session involves a 1 – 1.5 hour online session, followed by a further review by our staff.

Session 2: Mr. and Mrs. Wynn walk paragraph by paragraph through the student’s pre-writing, providing recommendations for modifications, opportunities to incorporate additional content, and whether the personal statement is capable of reflecting the critical elements of a student’s passion and focus that are considered in graduate and professional school admissions such as grit, growth mindset, non-cognitive variables, and what the student would contribute to his or her future profession. The student engages in continued writing and incorporating the elements presented in the session into the their second draft.

This session involves a 1 – 1.5 hour online session, followed by a further review by our staff.

Session 3: Certified College Admissions Counselor, Mychal-David Wynn (’12 Amherst College, BA English), joins in to provide expert writing assistance as the scope, focus, language, and grammar reflected in the personal statement. 

This session involves a 1 – 1.5 hour online session, followed by a final editing by our staff. At this time, we provide our assessment of the quality of the student’s essay and the strength of the student’s argument.

After 3 sessions, the student has the option of accepting the final edited essay or registering for additional sessions to further develop components of the essay. The student may also register for additional sessions to cover additional applications or writing responses at a cost of $250 per session.

An Holistic Approach

By assisting Kimberly in developing a comprehensive set of strategies during middle school and high school, she was offered admission to an impressive group of schools, together with 6 full undergraduate scholarships. 4 years later, after receiving her BA in Math and Chemistry from Williams College, we assisted Kimberly in applying to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. in math. In addition to being offered six full graduate school scholarships, Kimberly used her personal statement and CV to support her applications for the Ford Foundation Fellowship and National Science Foundation Fellowship, both of which she has been awarded.

Offered 6 full graduate school scholarships

Since first learning to count, I have had a lifelong fascination with math. As a fifth grader, I volunteered to tutor middle school students in math in preparation for Georgia Criterion Referenced Testing. As a middle school student, I was fascinated with solving logic puzzles. As a high school student, I enrolled in the most rigorous math classes offered at my high school, tutored in math and science, and created an online ACT Prep Program. Every summer throughout high school, I served as an assistant math instructor for a summer academic enrichment program. After unsuccessfully trying to create an advanced math club at my high school, due to a lack of funding, I became primarily involved with the Black STEM organization and the Association for Women in Mathematics. 

After being offered 6 full scholarships to Princeton, Duke, Vanderbilt, Amherst, Williams, and Washington and Lee, I chose Williams College because I wanted to pursue the study of mathematics on the deepest possible level in the most intimate setting. While graduating as the class salutatorian of my public high school, college was not only the first time that I received a final grade less than an ‘A’ in my entire academic career, but also the first time where I felt that my academic background was insufficient compared to the elite private school educations that many of my peers had received. Nonetheless, my active involvement in campus-based organizations and engaging with professors and associated study groups gave me the confidence to pursue my passion and declare math as a major

Completing my undergraduate education, I wondered if it was possible to repeat the process of achieving full ride scholarship/fellowship of earning a Ph.D. After working again with Mr. and Mrs. Wynn that question resulted in 6 full ride scholarships….

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