Ten Steps to Helping Your Child Succeed in School: 5th Edition


ISBN: 978-1880463-31-4

Publication Date: 2014

5.5 x 8.5, 224 pages | $9.95

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A comprehensive 10-step approach, paving the way to k-12 success and developing the foundation for your child to pursue his or her desired postsecondary pathway into college, the military, or the workplace. Learn how to identify your child’s personality type, gifts and talents, and learning styles. Learn how to match your child to the best teachers and classroom experiences. Learn how to develop a comprehensive academic and social plan for developing emotionally balanced and academically successful children. Clear and easy to implement at-home strategies, developing parent-teacher partnerships, establishing homework rules, and and developing home-school plans that result in higher levels success for any child in any school setting. 

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