Who I Am: Vol I


ISBN: 978-1880463-85-7

Publication: 2023

5.25 x 7.25, 160 Pages | $19.95



My Learning Style Plan

Volume I of the Who I Am series guides students through expanding their understanding of their learning style, the 21 learning-style elements, the 9 areas of Multiple Intelligences Theory, culminating in understanding and appreciating each student’s unique gifts and talents, and developing a personalized approach to learning. Each chapter ends with the affirmation, “What has become clearer to me.”

Narrative responses of middle school and high school students participating in our national college planning cohort program, together excepts from college essays recounting how the gifts, and talents that emerged during elementary and middle school guided students onto their full college scholarship pathways.

I believe that this book and the additional volumes are already proven. They simply represent printed versions of an on-line curriculum that is already well established and supported by indisputable data of what is possible when students are invested in their own learning. I admittedly raised an eyebrow when Mr. Wynn told me that students did not receive grades for completing their work, that their assessment was received in the form of a monthly peer review as they presented their college-bound plans as they were evolving. However, when I read the comments of a 6th grader who is affirming a desire to attend such schools as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and MIT, and who internalizes being invested in her own learning as essential to pursuing her future aspirations, I am convinced that Mr. Wynn is on to something.

Lewis Brinson, Ed.D.
Minority Achievement Officer
Pinellas County Schools
Largo, Florida

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