College Planning Quick Guide: Texas Edition


ISBN: 978-1880463-58-1

Publication Date: 2013

5.5 x 5.5, 164 pages | $5.95


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A quick guide based on the 288-page text, “A High School Plan for Students with College-Bound Dreams.” Provides over 60 strategies, specific to the state of Texas, to jump start a student’s high school plan or provide the final four years of a student’s 7-year middle-through-high school plan.

The 14 chapters provide insight into the importance of aligning high school course schedules with the type of colleges into which a student hopes to gain admissions, the importance of developing a 4-year leadership and community service strategy, and the importance of a student identifying their personal qualities, intangibles, and ‘hook’ within the context of their college and scholarship aspirations.

Provides a complete listing of the colleges and universities located in the state of Texas.

Available in Spanish