Personalized College Planning Guidance


Personalized college planning guidance, including one-on-one sessions with students/parents.

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Personalized College Planning Guidance

While we provide low cost guidance and support through our books, materials, essay writing assistance, and college planing cohorts, there are students who require a more personalized and hands-on approach. Our personalized college planning guidance provides students with a college planning support team to provide guidance in:

  1. Developing a matched college list
  2. Developing a match scholarship list
  3. Developing high quality college application packages
  4. Guiding the student in identifying essay topics
  5. Guiding of essays and writing responses
  6. Preparing student for interviews
  7. Developing an academic résumé and special-focus résumé as needed
  8. Providing an assessment of the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and branding
  9. Assisting the student in remaining organized to avoid missing application deadlines
  10. Developing an overall college admissions strategy and performing a comprehensive review of the student’s Common Application

Personalized college planning guidance is purchased in 1.5 hour increments.

I was in a state of disbelief when I received offers of admission to my top four choices: Harvard, University of Southern California, New York University Stern, and Northwestern University. I still don’t think I have been able to internalize this reality. The feeling of complete euphoria I experienced upon seeing the admissions letter confetti was overwhelming. I am happy to say that the stress and hard work of the college process have fully paid off. [Jordan, University of Southern California]


  • Students complete an academic profile and academic résumé
  • Students/Parents prepare and present questions in advance
  • We engage in an open conversation (via Zoom), during which we respond to student/parent questions and provide our recommendations

Meetings are schedule as needed, around such topics as choosing essay topics, understanding financial aid award letters, strategies for pursuing merit-based scholarships, strategies for pursuing need-based scholarships, application packaging, or applying to specific colleges and programs.

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