Fight Free Schools (Dolan)


ISBN: 978-1880463-14-7

Publication: 2007

8.5 x 11, 220 pages | $29.95

Since its original publication in 1998, Fight-Free Schools has become an integral instructional strategy for cultivating a positive school climate and culture. Students become stakeholders in their own learning and partners in creating a fight-free school community. Creating a school free of office referrals, bullying, put-downs, and fighting has proven more than an altruistic idea. Such schools are not only possible but probably when teachers, administrators, support personnel, parents, and students take ownership of their school community and purposefully implement the types of strategies and ideas outlined in this book.

Dr. Dolan has implemented the strategies in the classroom as a classroom teacher, throughout the school community as an elementary school principal, and is now teaching teachers and administrators how to do it as a college professor.


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