PATERSON, NJ- Aiming to start 2019 on a high note when it comes to instilling a love of reading in Paterson’s children, First Lady Farhanna Sayegh was at Paterson School 2 on Friday as part of her #PatersonReads initiative launched in October.

Invited  by Principal Felisa Van Liew and the school’s staff, Sayegh read “The Eagles Who Thought They Were Chickens” by Mychal Wynn in English with a member of the staff providing a translation in Spanish. The audience of 100+ first, second and third graders, along with over a dozen parents, were inspired by the book’s message to encourage young eagles to realize their full potential. To bring the book to life, and in an effort to make reading fun, various illustrations were held up and a life-sized Eagle flew in to greet the students!

To practice active reading, students were asked to retell the story and answer questions.

During the Q&A portion, some children used the opportunity to ask questions about the Mayor and his role, and were treated to a surprise visit by Mayor Andre Sayegh during the final minutes of the event. Building on his wife’s message, Sayegh also shared his own words of advice to further inspire the students to read more at home.

As the children returned to their classes parents huddled with the First Lady to discuss the importance of reading at home and to hear tips to make it more exciting with all committing to doing more in 2019 to build a love of reading in their children, as well as themselves.