Empowering African American Males: A Guide to Increasing Black Male Achievement


ISBN: 978-1880463-69-7

Publication Date: 2007

416 pages • $24.95 

(Available in downloadable pdf format)

Mychal and Nina Wynn not only share the strategies they used to help their sons achieve k-12 school success and gain acceptance into top colleges, they provide candid insight into the challenges and pitfalls of raising black boys. They provide a comprehensive set of practical strategies for increasing black male achievement aligned with research-based practices that are data-driven and research-responsive. The text provides guidance for anyone concerned in with developing instructional, coaching, and mentoring strategies that work. Learn why so many schools, homes, and mentoring programs continue to struggle with building the relationships with black males needed to increase their school success and widen their pathways into college and careers. 

Learn the importance of enabling texts, ‘webs of protection,’ developing a clear mission/vision, cultivating a positive classroom and home climate of high expectations, and engaging young boys in ‘authentic’ conversations must replace lecture, threats, and suspensions.

This book is a must read for parents, counselors, mentors, and coaches.

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