Zion Fredericks-Pearson
2604 Aldrich St. 341
Austin, Texas 78723
Education/Career Objective

My career goal is to become a artist and animator , or a youtuber

Gus Garcia Young Men's Leadership Academy2016-2019

 Qualify for a principle award

 Get all A's in all classes

 Get a better grade for the whole year overall then last year year


Community Service

 I'm going to help my art teacher with all the posters throughout the year

 I'm going to volunteer being a tutor for art 

 I'm going to help my church by ushering  


Extracurricular Activities

 I want to be in AP art

 I want to be in anime club

 I want to be in robotics

Honors and Awards

 I want the gold tie award 

 I want  to get perfect attendance award

 I want the A honor award