William Simon
2531 Gable Court Atlanta ,GA 30331
Education/Career Objective

I want to become an automotive engineer.

Westlake Highschool2017-2018Student

I assisted my neighbors in helping them organize their homes and assist them when they are in need.

Community Service/Employment
Randolph Elementary school2013Treasurer of the Junior Beta Club

Participated in feeding the people at a homeless shelter.

Randolph Elementary school2014Treasurer of the Junior Beta Club

Was an assisstant at daycare 

Extracurricular Activities
Westlake Highschool2017-2018Captain

I was a captain of the varsity track team as a freshman.

Honors and Awards
Westlake Highschool2017-2018Student

Had a 94.5 Grade Average in my Freshman year of highschool.

Track RunnerI am one of the best track runners on my highschool team
MathematicsI am good with numbers and calculating numbers
EngineeringI excel at learning how things operate and how to construct and put things together.