Kristen Erickson Chief Executive
8058 Pionner Trail Dr ,San Antonio , TX , 78244
Educational/Career Objective

My college and career aspiration is to pursue an undergraduate degree in Business and international relationships.


Judson High School2018-2022Converse, Tx

college preparatory program of study

*GPA 4.0, *Class Rank 5%, *SAT 1600

Woodlake Hills MIddle School2015-2018San Antonio, Tx

GPA 3.0

Gt & Pre-Ap classes

Algebra for High School Credit; Biology for High School credit

Community Service
Woodlake Hills Middle School2016-2017Orchestra Nursing Home group
2015-2017Humane Society Volounteer
St.Mary Catholic Church2015Youth Catholic Group
Kristen's Babysitting Service2015-PresentPresident

babysat kids from ages 2-13 

Woodlake Hills Middle School2016Orchestra Preformance for Army Residency Community
Judson High School2018-2022*JROTC Parades
Las Colenas Nursing Home2015-2017Volounter

helped older people get from their room to where they wanted to go, helped serve trays , and made sure they had what they needed

San Antonio, TX2018LGBTQ Festival
Windamer Nursing Home2017-Presentvolunteer

Helped Serve food, and helped at functions

Judson High School2018Swim Camp Volounteer

helped the 3-7 year old kids swiming

Woodlake Hills Middle School2016-20185th Grade Orchestra Recruitment
Judson High School2018Judson college boot camp
College Cohort2018College Planning Boot Camp - Youth Facilitaor
Woodlake Hills Middle School2017-presentCo-Founder : WHMS Millitary Suport Group
Woodlake Hills Middle School2016-2017Team Captin: Cheer Team
Woodlake Hills Middle School2016-2018Point guard ; BasketBall Team
Kristen Erickson2012-PresentOrchestra Player- Viola
Woodlake Hills Middle School2016-2018Track team (1600m ,800m, Polevault)
Woodlake Hills Middle School2016-2018Volleyball team -Manager
Judson High School2018-PresentSwim Team
Judson High School2018Swim Camp- Volunteer
Judson High School2018Basketball Camp
Woodlake Hills MIddle School2018Teacher's Assistant

For Orchestra & Biology

Woodlake Hills Middle School2016-20181st Place Polevault Seven time awarded
Woodlake Hills Middle School2016-20182nd Place Polevault Two time awarded
Woodlake Hills Middle School2015-20181st Chair leader/Section leader - Viola
Kristen Erickson2015-20181st place Solo & Ensamble Competition
2017Orchestra Airport trip Competion

My Group Won "superiour" the best you can get out of 32 Schools

Woodlake hills middle school2015-2018UIL Orchestra "Superiour"

3 years in a row

Woodlake Hills Middle School2016-2018Most Improved Player
Presidents Education Awards Program2015Outstanding Academic Excellence
Woodlake Hills Middle School2018Outstanding Musician
Woodlake Hills Middle School2018Directors Choice Award
Woodlake Hills Middle School2018Self Motivated Musician
Woodlake Hills Middle School2012-presentLongest Orchestra Player -6 years
Woodlake Hills Middle School2015-2016A/B honor roll
Woodlake Hills Middle School2017-2018Track S.T.A.C Champions

7th and 8th grade