John Nathaniel Patrick H.O., IV Robinson
1301 East Ave I Spc 262 Lancaster CA 93535
Education/Career Objective
AVC Campus2021(?)Intended Graduation Date

At this point, I will be completing my courses and graduating with a transfer to CSUSC with an associates in Video Design and Production

Video Game Designer, or if that falls through, a writer or scientist.

Antelope Valley CollegeFall 2017 -Fall 2018Student

GPA: 2.90-2.93

Antelope Valley College2008-currentStudent

current GPA: 2.93

Opportunities For Learning2008-2011Student


Community Service/Employment
YMCA Swords2013-currentSword Assistant(Volunteer)
AVC Student StoreJan 2019 - CurrentStudent Worker
AVC Digital MediaNov 2018 - CurrentStudent Worker
AVC Job Placement2018 Oct- 2018 DecStudent Worker
AVC Student Life/AVC Student EquityFall 2018Student Worker
AVC Biology DepartmentJuly 2018-Aug 2018Student Worker
Youth Support Association2009-2017Volunteer
AV Chess HouseAssistant Chess Master
DigiVue AdvertisingSales Associate
Extracurricular Activities
Honors and Awards
AVC Campus/Dragon Coin StudiosFall 2017Director

Created a short film "How tabletop gaming players see the world they play in"; one camera, one main actor, one director/editor, a handful of voice actors.

AVC Campus/Dragon Coin Studios/Academy of StyleSpring 2018Director/Assistant Director/Actor

"Project 20k", made with the aid of Academy of Style- one camera,

Knowledge of some Spanishtook two spanish classes, and understand more that I hear and some that I read more that I can speak
Good typing SpeedOn average of 60-70wpm; highest score is 77wpm, and base lowest is 34wpm
Creative problem-solving"Describe to me 10 ways a pen can be used." I'll give you 15-20, if you're willing to take it.
"Outside of 'outside' the box"This ties in with creative problem-solving, but I generally think of the minutia and the meta; what is the smallest portion that affects the largest total sum of all things combined? That's what I plan to find out.
Time managementI'm happy to say I'm doing better than before; I can improve a lot, but right now I have been able to set up so much more time for things than I have before.
Mathematical informationIt might not be much, but I got up to math 115, or Statistics; I've done better in college than I did in Highschool at math, going far and beyond what I was capable of doing before(and absolutely okay and able to do more!)
StorywriterI still need to improve, but if you want some background information of fiction, or something that can inspire, I'm your guy.
HardworkingWe may all have our days, but I'm here for a reason- not just for money, but so I can succeed in life.
DeterminedIf I owe money, I'll pay it- even if it takes ages. If I have a task to do, I'll make sure it's completed.
My own best criticThis should get 10 stars, but I'll make sure the work is accurate done; if there's a problem I'm happy to fix it and ensure the customer or employer is absolutely satisfied with the issue being resolved.
Group Worker- "Let's stick together, shall we?"I'd rather be in a group helping manage it or managing what people need to do than I would be doing the project by myself; I'm okay with not being a leader as well, just being in the group is better than nothing at all.
Good Youth LeaderI've tutored children and adults, and though some have seen me as immature acting, I've been able to open up anyone's mind in the classroom and help them learn- if they're WILLING to learn, is the key point with every student, however(and so far, I've helped quite a few that didn't want to learn, and have had good success in teaching them school-related studies or making them want to know more in school)
Challenge SeekerI will find something to improve or do if you say everything's fine- I'll improve on what I know and can do, to ensure I can do more to the best of my ability. Challenges for me are fun, and though sometimes annoying, the satisfaction of finishing something that is challenging is it's own best reward sometimes.