John Jeffers
3282 Hibiscus dr Palm Harbor Fl 34684
Education/Career Objective

my plans for my future and what I plan to do is the earn up to my associates degree in forensic science and put my skills in that field to use in the military and from there in the police force.

Palm Harbor University High School2015-2019palm harbor, Fl

My current GPA unweighted is 2.8 and weighted it stands at 3.0. Personally I will do the work to raise it because I am not happy with were it stands at. Also another field i'd like to do better is in the SAT area because I want to raise those scores to a position where they are almost perfect. Right now they are at a 500 on the math SAT and a 480 on the reading/writing and a 980 altogether. So far during in all of my time in high school I have had 3 advanced placement classes and 5 honors classes. One thing I loved doing is singing and that led to me joining the acapella group at my school and also one club that I feel really has an impact on my school is the GSA club which is a club for the LGBT+ community and people who are supporters. I have been in the GSA club at my school since tenth grade and I was in acapella for all of eleventh grade I wasn't able to do it my senior year due to transportation problems.

Community Service/Employment
Anclote high school2016-2017Holiday, Fl

It was at Anclote high school I was able to do the JROTC program and we had a parade I was able to attend. Since moving to Palm harbor it was one of the things I wasn't able to do if I wanted to get a better education.

Extracurricular Activities
Honors and Awards