Dominique S. Graham
5402 Borchers Dr. | SanAntonio, TX 78219
Karen Wagner High School2018-2022San Antonio, Texas

*GPA; 4.0 ; *Class Rank 3/400 ; *SAT 1600 ; *All AP classes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Kirby Middle School2015-2018San Antonio, Texas

GPA; 4.0

High School Credits : Spanish Class and College Career Readiness Class

Pre-AP Reading ; Pre-AP English ; Pre-AP Science ; Pre-AP Social Studies

Community Service
Pet Sitting; Cutting Grass; Baby Sitting2015- present
Athletic Banquet Set Up2017-2018
Track Meet Set Up And Help2017-2018
Breast Cancer Awareness Volleyball Game2018
Homecoming Dance Set Up2015-2016
*Varsity Volleyball Captain2018-2022
National Junior Honor Society2015-2018
A-Team Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis2017-2018
College Planing Boot Camp2018
Tri City Volleyball Camp2018
Clubs and Organizations
*Student Council2018-2022
*National Honor Society2018-2022
*Varsity Volleyball2018-2022
*Varsity Softball2018-2022
*Varsity Track and Field2018-2022
*Varsity Tennis2018-2022
A Honor Roll2017-2018
National Honor Society Officer2022
Perfect Attendance2015-2018
2nd place at STAC Tennis championship2018
4 Sports Award2018
2nd place at STAC Track and Field championship2018
Presidential Award2016