David Collier
P.O. Box 591911
San Antonio, Texas 78259
Educational/Career Objectives

My college and career aspirations are to attain a PhD as a research scientist in neurology and to continue on to medical school to receive an MD in neurosurgery.

Smithson High School2016-2019

College Preparatory Program of Study * GPA: 4.0; *Class Rank: 1/1700; *SAT: 1600

Smithson Valley Middle School2016-2019

GPA: 4.0

Community Service
Voter Regristration2016-2018
Concession Stand Basketball Game2017-2018
ROTC Poster Making2018
2017 STEM Event2017
Smithson Valley High School Parade Stand2017
Leaderships and Activities
Band 1st Chairman2017-2018
Football Team Captain2017
Honors and Awards
*Smithson Valley High School Football District Champs2019-2023
*Drama Club2021-2023
Robotics Club2017-2018
Rocket Club2017-2018
Fellowship of Christians2017-2018
Robot Club2017-2018
State of Texas 3rd place Rocket Club2017-2018
Band Wind Esemble2017-2018
Kids Fest TSOW Booth2018
UIL Superior Solo Contest2018
UIL Superior Band Competition2018
Smithson Valley High School Football District Champ2017
H.C.K. Invitational Championships 1st Place2016