Adon Cesair
4777 Longcourt Drive S.E. , Atlanta , GA 30339
Education/Career Objective

Sports Commentator: Entails Providing play-by-play commentary

Plastic Surgeon: Entails Internaly and Externaly modifying or fixing the Human body.

Campbell High School2017-2019Student

Essential 9th and 10th grade knowledge

Along with: French1/Spanish1/

Community Service/Employment
Concession Stand2018Volunteer

Set up equipment/Swept,mopped,and wipped down counters and tables/Worked Cash Register/made Nachos(chilli or cheese),Hotdogs,/Prepared drinks/

Extracurricular Activities

Played on basketball teams/Streetball/Starting Guard/

Varsity Lacrosse2017-2018Player

Freshman year of High School I made Varsity Lacrosse/Best ever school Record/Best in the region/Made playoffs/

Kappa League2018-2019Officer

Keep order/Make sure peers are on task/Follow Rules/

Honors and Awards

Player of team


Player on Team


Player on Team

5k Race2016-2017Runner


BasketballHave played for 4/5 of my life and constantly getting better.
Hands on WorkerVery adaptable to hands on work. Fast learner.
AcademicsSmart/If learned will complete easily