The Eagles who Thought They were Chickens: Student Activity Book (Digital Download)


Activity 1Let’s read the story  1

Activity 2Let’s discuss the characters14

Word List and Definitions18

Activity 3Let’s discuss language and behavior29

Phrase List30

Activity 4Let’s review the story33

Activity 5How does the story relate to our school40

Activity 6Let’s apply what we have learned from the 

story to our club, classroom, or school48

Activity 7Let’s create our own story53

Activity 8Let’s affirm eagle words56

Eagle Word List and Definitions57

Activity 9Let’s stamp out chicken words67

Chicken Word List68

Activity 10What can we do to behave and speak like Eagles?71

Eagle Word List74

Activity 11Creating an Eagle’s Nest78

Activity 12Creating a supportive village (club or classroom)81

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