The Eagles who Thought They were Chickens (Digital Download)



Although believed by many to have its roots among the griots of West Africa, no one really knows the birthplace of the original “Eagle Story.” Through the years, these stories have been told by many people and in many ways. These stories typically illustrate, through the West African tradition of proverbs, parables, and storytelling, the tragedy of the unrealized potential of the eagles who didn’t believe that they could fly.

In this original version, inspired through the tradition of his ancestors, Mychal Wynn tells a story of richness of culture and heritage that was denied the eagles who knew little about who they were, where they came from, and why they were different.

Mychal takes us on a powerful, spiritual journey as the eagles gain their self esteem and self image when they encounter another eagle who tells them of their culture and heritage. Within their differences is embodied their special gift of flight, their special ability to soar through the clouds.

Like the eagles, people are often scorned and ridiculed for being different. This book encourages the celebration of individual uniqueness and the discovery of the brilliance that is within everyone.

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