Student and Parent Cohort Support Program


Students are commonly encouraged by high school counselors and college admissions officers to make their own college choices. However, for many families, the purchase of a college education will exceed the cost of a home. Thousands of students leave college each year with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt that will prevent them from every purchasing a home. This is not a financial decision to be taken likely by a student, but must be carefully planned for by the entire family.

Components: The components are the same as for the College Cohort Program. However, while students participate in grade level discussion groups facilitated by a college student, parents engage in a parent discussion group facilitated by Mr. Wynn. As a result students and parents are sharing the college planning experience, one driven by the student’s college and career aspirations and the family’s financial need. Meetings are scheduled on the second Saturday of each month from 10:00 am – Noon from September through May.

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Student and Parent Cohort Support Program

Our student and parent cohort support program is designed to engage both students and parents in our year-long college planning cohort program. Through our experiences, the best college-bound plan evolves from family engagement in the college planning process. However, there can also be tension between parents and students along the road to accepting the notion of college planning as a shared process when so many students have received messaging from peers, counselors, and college admissions officers that college planning is about what they want for their future and about the choices that they need to make for themselves.

However, neither counselors nor college admissions officers are willing to accept responsibility for the inevitable student loan debt resulting from students having made the wrong decisions without regard to the financial burden place on students and families.

Consequently, the best approach to college planning is closing the college knowledge gap for both students and parents and working together as a team in support of students’ college and career aspirations within the context of a family’s financial need.

In this program, students and parents both work through the cohort curriculum. While students engage in monthly discussions with other students, guided by college interns serving as discussion group leaders, parents engage in monthly conversations guided by Mr. Wynn, the developer of the program and author of the curriculum.

Parents have their own login account and have full access to the curriculum. While they are free to discuss the monthly modules with their student, the parent discussions are designed to ensure that parents understand each component of our college planning planning system designed to expand students’ college and scholarship opportunities. 

Parents will receive a copy of the text, “A High School Plan for Students with College-Bound Dreams.”

Note: Fees are non-refundable. Note: We do not provide financial, investment, or legal advice, nor do we guaranty any outcomes. Please review our Terms and Conditions  prior to making your purchase. 

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