Don’t Quit—Inspirational Poetry (Digital Download)


From the Author

The verses in this book represent my personal affirmations. Through verbally affirming these verses I hope that you will, as my pastor would say, “Speak life unto your life.” The affirmations contained in this book have been second nature to me. They have represented philosophies of living that have guided my life. The cornerstone of this book, the poem “Don’t Quit,”  is actually an adaptation of an anonymous poem by the same title that I was introduced to in the second grade at Edmund Burke Elementary School in Chicago, Illinois. A teacher read the poem to the class, and although I forgot many of the words, the title “Don’t Quit,” became embedded in my subconscious. So much so, that during high school, I wrote my version of “Don’t Quit” which has become the guiding philosophy of my life.

In traveling throughout the country conducting workshops, and  presenting keynote addresses at banquets and luncheons, I have been led by the Spirit to speak to others about the power of the spirit dwelling within them. A power unimaginable. A power so great that mountains become mole hills. That obstacles which appear insurmountable are easily overcome. That problems which appear unsolvable are resolved by solutions which become amazingly clear. 

I hope that you will read and enjoy the affirmations contained in this book. Perhaps one of the verses will inspire you as I was inspired in the second grade. Perhaps you will discover a verse that will become your philosophy of living providing the light of inspiration as you claim victory over the challenges and obstacles confronting you in your life.

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